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BitSport.gg is a one-stop gaming ecosystem leveraging web3 to create an incentivized environment for gamers and enthusiasts to leverage their skills, knowledge & time on popular console & mobile games like FIFA, Mortal Kombat, & 8ball Pool,etc to earn crypto & PayPal.

Users (Gamers & Enthusiast) can interact and earn from the bitsport incentivized environment/ecosystem which includes :

  1. Our eSports Challenge DApp

  2. The BitSport Live Staking/Prediction DApp

  3. BitSport Tournaments DApp

  4. BitSport NFT-IGO Marketplace DApp

  5. BitSport NFT-Trophies &

  6. BitPool Game DApp

  7. PoolDegens Telegram BOT

Basically, we can say we are the go-to platform for anyone looking to play and earn while interacting with popular games.

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