Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology has allowed for a new era in the management of finances in the digital age. From Bitcoin’s humble beginnings on cypherpunk forums to Ethereum's endless list of DeFi protocols the way we handle money has been forever changed.

The underlying distributed ledger technology allows for a different caliber of trust amongst users. The growth of Decentralized Finance or DeFi, the blanket term for financial activities taking place on the blockchain with no central authority or ownership, has opened up new opportunities to investors as well as other projects. DeFi protocols fit together much like lego to make new and interesting shapes and forms all the time.

One of these new forms is BitSport! By combining gaming & finance, players have access to a new realm of entertainment, fused with personal finance building future of gaming fueled finance.

Players can take their gaming to the next level and start bringing in serious new value in the previous flow of value in the gaming industry and by combing these factors; a new stream of value can be created that fosters the growth of players giving them the ultimate DeFi gaming arena/ecosystem where they can meet up for competitive matches for real earnings.

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