BitSport NFT-Trophies

Furthermore, leveraging on NFT technology; we integrated NFTs into our tournament sponsorship for partner gaming brands by selling NFT Trophies to them as advertisement rights to all our gaming influencers who in-turn publicize their brands on their various socials.

This was a way to not just decentralize the advertising economics in gaming but also a way to strategically integrate web3 into it making a fully fair win-win situation for both the tournament sponsors / brands and also for the gaming influencers simultaneously.

The BitSport NFT-Trophy is also an avenue for brands to pay a one-time fee & access more than one influencer to push their brand instead of having to sign separate deals with them. We have different tiers of trophies, different pecks attached to them and we share NFT-Trophy sales with onboarded influencers based on internal agreement.

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