This whitepaper is not intended to serve as a prospectus or any form of offer document, and it does not seek to constitute a solicitation for investment in securities or an offer of securities in any jurisdiction. Neither the presentation of this whitepaper nor any of its contents is meant to form the basis for any contract or investment decision, and it does not represent an offer or solicitation by the distributor/vendor of $BITP and $BFI tokens to acquire any $BITP or $BFI tokens.
It is important to note that the future is inherently uncertain, and various factors, ranging from economic shifts to technological advancements, may influence conditions. For instance, if reward backed NFTs were to become obsolete due to unforeseen circumstances, BitSport commits to providing users and players with great compensation where feasible. This acknowledgment underscores our commitment to adapt and address changing circumstances responsibly.
Sincerely, BitSport Team