BitPool Game DApp

BitPool, our flagship product is a cutting-edge web3-based 8-ball pool game that combines the thrill of gaming with the potential of Web3. (8 Ball pool holds the guinness world record for the most downloaded game with a record of over 1.5 Billion downloads) .

With BitPool, players can dive into an immersive and competitive gaming experience, where they can challenge friends, participate in multiplayer battles, and stake to earn real Rewards. BitPool happens to be the only billiard game that is interoperably playable on any device with a browser and internet including PC, Mobile, Tablets, iPads, & even smart TVs.

Featuring a sleek and user-friendly interface, BitPool offers an intuitive gameplay experience that caters to both casual and competitive gamers. Players can choose from various game modes which includes:

  1. Quest mode: where they can test their skills against the BitPool AI (BAI) and earn BITP and other cryptocurrencies like USDT, BUSD, & CAKE. Gamers need to get QC (Quest Credits) to be able to accept challenges.

  2. In the Pool Arena: where players can engage in exhilarating multiplayer battles, stake their preferred currency, and compete against other skilled players from around the world using all aforementioned crypto above.

  3. Tournaments: BitPool hosts exciting tournaments where players can showcase their skills, compete for top rankings, and win substantial prize pool. It's an opportunity to test their abilities against some of the best players in the BitPool community.

BitPool NFT Marketplace:

The BitPool NFT marketplace is going to be the hub for collectors and enthusiasts. Players can acquire unique and rare in-game items like powerful sticks, reward backed cue-balls, skins, etc. creating a sense of ownership and personalization within the game ecosystem.

BitPool is revolutionizing the gaming landscape by offering an immersive gaming experience with real-world incentives. We're excited about the future of BitPool and invite all gaming enthusiasts to join us on this extraordinary journey as we will be rolling out more games.

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