BitSport NFT-IGO Marketplace DApp

The BitSport NFT-IGO Marketplace DApp was rolled out during the wave of NFTs but with a different approach compared to most PFP based NFTs we had in the market in 2021/2022. The "IGO" in NFT-IGO stands for Initial Gamers' Offering.

The BitSport NFT-IGOs were the only reward backed EarNFTs in the market which allows crypto enthusiasts to invest directly in our top gamers and get a share of their earnings from challenge mode, BitSport Live & tournaments in the investor's wallet.

NFT-IGO investors earn auto shared dividends and constant rewards on lifetime earnings off their IGO Icons on BitSport, just by holding their NFT-IGO Cards in their wallet. BitSport NFT-IGO Cards were the first ever dividends / rewards backed supercharged NFTs; Now we have reasons to hold NFT's!

These NFTs also get investors' exclusive access pass to events, exhibitions and tournaments of NFT-IGO icons held. e.g We had an NFT-IGO drop for OzillaFiFA who happens to be arguably the most skillful FIFA player in the world recognized by EA Sports with over 2 million audience; his NFT-IGO drop gave access to his exclusive discord where he mentors 1:1 secret skill coaching.

The BitSport NFT-IGO got the attention of Jason Derulo & he dm'd us on our Instagram that he loves the project and he alongside other celebrities like Amber Rose, TheGame, etc all pushed our NFT-IGO drop.

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