The Current Flow Of Value In The Gaming Industry

The global gaming market size is anticipated to grow from USD 281.77 billion in 2023 to USD 665.77 billion by 2030, a CAGR of 13.1% during the forecast period (2023-2030;Source: Statista).
Gamers are gaming more, spending more on games, in-game items, & growing in population while the current centralized gaming corporations continue to grow in market value and the gamers who make up the lifeblood of the gaming economy are left only as consumers.
The gaming space is more or less like an empty structure without gamers because even if the best game developers and publishers come together to spends millions of dollars on a game & gamers don't interact with it, this becomes a shit show and most probably a waste of investment.
Now if every stakeholders in the gaming landscape gets a chunk of the gaming economy and are incentivized one way or the other, why are gamers not provided with alternatives to get rewarded with real cash alongside game studios , devs & publishers that take home millions per annum. The traditional sport industry has been able to maintain a sustainable industry only because there is various incentivization loops for all stakeholders including players, clubs, & even spectators.
The BitSport platform offers an alternative ecosystem where Gamers & enthusiast could be rewarded and be creators that are earning in a diverse blockchain-driven incentivized ecosystem, capturing their share of the market, empowering the gaming community as a whole. As it stands the flow of capital in the gaming industry does not benefit the players and this is even worse in developing regions.
This is the status quo set by industry leaders, leaving gamers getting used to ever-increasing microtransaction and leaving their wallets empty. Recurring subscription costs often have no alternative but to pay to play or pay the price. DLC’s are now expected to be bought for users to access the entire content, instead of just adding extra content on top of an exciting game. The business practices have become increasingly predatory on the consumers and players.
This has a solution, and it is not far away. Along with a diverse array of opportunities for anyone to monetize their gaming skills, BitSport also gives spectators and sponsors an opportunity to capture a piece of the action with gamers themselves becoming an asset of their own. Thus creating a next-generation, all-inclusive gaming ecosystem in the process backed by trusted blockchain technology not just bringing the industry up to speed with the times, but into the future allowing for smart contracts to intertwine with existing online gaming economies and creating new ones outright.