eSports Challenge DApp

The BitSport eSports challenge DApp was the first of its kind rolled out in late 2018 that allow gamers to create & settle PVP challenges against each other on popular eSports games which include FIFA, MK, COD, PubG & 8-Ball Pool.

Gamers are able to create challenge inside the DApp , add a set price and define all other parameters like hosting match on twitch , preferred crypto to stake, PSN ID, etc

The above challenge can be shared to another player who have to match set parameters and funds are escrowed by the house.

There is a reporting system that pops up post every PVP Challenge and both players record their scores while the house completes escrow settlement to the winner. ( Winner takes 90% while the house takes 10%)

N:B - One of the Players have the option to be the host & stream match on twitch as we have twicth API linked to the DApp. This player also gets rewarded in our native token.

Incase of disputes in scores reporting which rarely happens, a dispute system already integrated in the platform will be triggered and admin comes into the picture to vet the scores either by Twitch API already integrated or manually by evidence posted by both parties. The dispute chat box allows players to upload pictures, screenshots and video evidence if need be.

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